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Rack Robo PCV1

Powercore V1

Powercore V1

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Ready for desktop EDM? Now's your chance! 

The Powercore V1 is now available! Limited units available. Powercore package includes:

  • Powercore EDM PSU
  • Wiring Accessories
  • 10x - Brass Electrodes
  • 10x - Aluminum Stock Material


The Powercore is tailored for aluminum spark erosion. With a 72-volt output, it offers consistent power to your EDM machine. The on-board Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller with a 133 MHz RP2040 microchip allows precise control. A 2 kHz PWM output controls spark behavior. Analog & digital outputs monitor current. Internal temperature sensors ensure safe, constant operation. Our open-source EDM power supply is ideal for aluminum spark erosion, providing reliable, customizable power for optimal machining. Try it now for your electrical discharge machining experiments!


  • Optimized for Aluminum Spark Erosion
  • 72 Volt Output
  • On-Board Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller with 133 MHz RP2040 Microchip
  • Analog Current Sensing
  • Two Internal Temperature Sensors
  • 2 Khz High-Power PWM Output
  • Analog Output for Current Monitoring
  • Digital Output for customization
  • Open-Source Hardware and Firmware

This will be the last chance to get the original Powercore V1 EDM PSU by Rack Robotics. Grab one while you still can!

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